A philanthropist once said and I quote, “To live is to suffer, to suffer is to find some meaning in the suffering“. But my question is, did you find any meaning to your suffering for the past 7 years? You don’t want to suffer,  yet, you don’t want to do the right thing at the right time. Should I say you are been bribed?


Isn’t this the time to wake up from our slumber? We shouldn’t be fooled again by our leaders. We’re now in the 21st century where we can differentiate more between the right from wrong and wrong from right.

But, we are been tricked by the persons we call our leader. We are more educated than them, yes, we might not know about politics but we should try our best to make our country great.

Nigeria was called the giant  of African because of their handwork, commitment and cooperation back then in the 90s. During the 90s, we won the Olympic gold medal because of the good governance then. But now, can we still achieve that goal?

Corruption has taken over our great country Nigeria. We are been deceived by the leaders we are looking forward to. There are some constitutions that needs to be amend for us to become that giant of African again, but our leaders sticks to the old constitution.

No wonder Nigerians are leaving for greener pastures in other countries. Some believe that, with the bad governance and corruption which dominate our dear country Nigeria, they can’t make it in their country. So, they leave for greener pastures.

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Have you ever asked yourself if anyone from abroad can come to Nigeria in search for greener pastures? I’m sure your answer will be No. So what is the essence of staying in a country when you can’t fight or speak for your self.

Okay, we are been silenced with bribe,  but there is freedom of speech. It’s time to put in more effort and action. Let your voice be heard.

Even if the old men and women are illiterate, I don’t think the youth should also be illiterate. We go to school, we listen to news everyday and we know what is going on in the country, we need to make a change in this country, Nigeria.

At this junction, Nigeria needs a trustworthy person who can sincerely take her country  to a higher place. In this country Nigeria, the youths are the most important persons who can contribute immensely to the development of the country.

But how prepared are we to contribute to the development without our personal voter card. According to the quote in the first paragraph that says, “To live is to suffer, to suffer is to find some meaning in the suffering”.  We have suffered a lot in this country.

We have suffered from the bad governance, from the politicians who uses our funds to satisfy their needs,  suffered from hunger, suffered from fake promises made by the aspirants during their manifesto for election.

It’s time to learn from our mistake and work towards the improvement of our dear country. Don’t be fooled by those who think you are an illiterate. Be strong and wise.


Akojenu Dagbeyon Favour

Lagos state university

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